What We Do

Site Evaluation

A thorough site evaluation is required to make an informed decision on the kind of system would be the best solution for a specific place of installation. Additionally, is critical for the installer to understand how the systems have to be installed so that it captures the maximum sunlight and produces optimum power. The site evaluation process includes the following:

  • Study average usage of power by the customer, peak hours, what system size would offset the entire or partial electricity cost all year round.
  • Study the location of the site, if the roof is obstructed by trees or buildings and how to overcome the obstructions
  • Study the strength and structural integrity of the roof on which the system is to be installed
  • Study the best design to ensure that the panels are installed strategically, wiring is routed efficiently and inverters are placed close to the panels.
  • Study connection to the DISCOM power lines.

Design & Engineering

The goal of a detailed engineering and design process is to optimize the operational performance of a rooftop system for strategic utilization of the space available. The SolarTown team uses the best-in-class software to design the systems based on technical specifications, placing of solar panels, structural modifications required, placing of inverters, system protection and safety equipment, DC and AC cable sizing and routing, etc.

The design team will provide design illustrating the inter-row spacing and best location and alternatives for installation of module array, solar inverters, combiner box, monitoring system, interconnection point, etc.

Installation & Commissioning

With more than 100 installations and an impressive customer base of some of India’s top corporations, including Infosys, Renault-Nissan, Plant Engineering and Aachi Group, SolarTown is India’s preferred supplier of solar rooftop systems from 1 kW to 300 kW. 

SolarTown’s team consists of a passionate group of engineers, project managers, electricians, and site supervisors who are experts in solar rooftop installations of all sizes and challenges. They enter the site with a logical and strategic plan and execute it according to the approved design with extreme coordination. The modules and equipment will be installed and tested. It is our privilege to be selected to install solar for you and we treat every site with the utmost care and respect.

Asset Management

SolarTown  has a performance guarantee along with worry-free O&M services for all its solar installations, covering any required repairs and replacement parts during the length of the lease. SolarTown will monitor your site daily to ensure that the installed system is performing to specifications. The Operations and Maintenance team will perform regular onsite inspections, diagnostics and preventive maintenance to address any potential issues and ensure that the system continues to perform as designed.

Our extensive experience has given us a unique perspective when it comes to Asset Management and O&M. We inspect installations with a detailed eye for optimum performance, safety, and durability. We are passionate about solar rooftop and will always operate all systems installed by us as if it were our own.